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Between ordering inventory, managing volunteers, booking gigs, and stopping bank robbers, how do you find time to print business cards, update your website and keep up your tweets?

That's where your sidekick comes in.
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Establishing Your Identity:
Logo & Branding

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Managing your Digital World:
For new & growing organizations

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People might say they don't judge books by their covers, but lets be honest: people do judge companies by their logo, business cards, advertising and other marketing materials. Working with us to develop your company's visual identity is the right way to make sure you are showing your best self to your customers, clients, volunteers, and partners.

Depending on scope, this package starts at $840*.

Don't have a website yet? Let's fix that. In this digital age, your website is like your business card, your billboard, your best sales pitch and your smiling face all rolled into one. A bit overwhelmed at whats involved? Don't fret. We'll walk you through the steps of the process from our first conversation to showing off your brand new website.

Depending on the features and functionality you want, this package starts at $1,250*.

Unless technology is your profession or hobby (or you were born after 1990), the digital end of running a business or organization can be daunting. Why waste your time endlessly googling terms? Let's sit down and talk about your organization's goals and how technology can be a support instead of a roadbock. We'll cover phone numbers, email addresses, marketing, websites, social media and more.

For an in-depth consult and limited amount of follow up work, this package starts at $420*.

Your customers, audience or volunteers are out there, in front of their computers and phones, waiting for you - are you reaching them? In this package, we'll talk overall web marketing strategy and get you up to speed by setting up social media accounts, e-newsletter systems, and helping you establish a calendar of monthly marketing tasks. Hire us for a one-time jump start or for ongoing work.

For a consult and social media or newsletter account(s) set up, this package starts at $325*.

Some sidekicks are motivated by money, fame or a love of spandex. But not us, we are proud to stand in the background while working with and supporting our clients, the real heroes.

One Plus Love

Travis Knapp

An Ithaca-based folk musician with an uplifting message.

One More Story

One More Story

An online library of children's illustrated books.

Urban Institute

Urban Institute

UI's Community Platform is an online tool for non-profit coalitions.

Mission Capital

Marla Aaron Jewelry

A jewelry designer creating unique locks and more, made in the USA.

Electronic Design Group

White Hawk Ecovillage

A growing cohousing village focused on sustainability and community.


"Part 2: Content" in the series, 'Better Than Sausage, More Boring Than Babies: How Websites are Made'

This post is the second in a series called "Better Than Sausage, More Boring Than Babies: How Websites are Made". If you missed the first post, click here for 'Part 1: Strategy'.

I’m often surprised at how little time clients put into the content of their site - as if the words are only there to fill up the pages, like the stuffing inside of a teddy bear. I’m not saying you need to write a novel or incorporate allegorical allusions in your About Us page, but content matters...
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Sidekick Studios presents: 2016 Summer of Local Love Website Giveaway Contest!

We are giving away 3 free websites this summer, just to show our local nonprofits and small businesses some love!

To enter: Find the poll on the Sidekick Studios Facebook page. If your organization hasn't already been added, post on our wall (or message us another way) and we'll add you to the contest within 24 hours.

To vote: Go to the poll on the Sidekick Studios Facebook page and find your favorite local organization. You can support them without spending a dime: vote, then share and tell your friends to vote for them, too! If you don't see them listed, let them know by sharing the poll with them.

How to win: The three organizations with the most votes at the end of June will be the winners!

Who is eligible? Good question, there are only 2 criteria: First, local to Ithaca. For this contest, we are defining 'local to Ithaca' as having a physical or mailing address within 15 miles of Ithaca Commons. Second, nonprofit or small business. Your organization must be filed as a non-profit with the state or federal government OR have less than 10 full or part-time employees. Freelancers, artists and other sole proprietors are eligible as small businesses.

What if we have a website that just needs some work? The contest prize is redeemable as either a new/redesigned website or the equivalent amount of upgrade/maintenance work on an existing site - see below for details.

Contest Rules (a.k.a. The Fine Print)

Not-So-Secret Identity

Mark Pruce, Founder & Lead Cape Wearer

Mark Pruce, Founder & Lead Cape Wearer of Sidekick Studios With over eight years of experience in graphic design, website development and marketing, I have helped businesses of all sizes better represent themselves in print and online. I've found that while clients might come to me for the technical services I offer, they usually stay with me because I'm easy to work with, trustworthy, helpful and a clear communicator.

While my origin story starts in New Jersey, I am now permanently headquartered in Ithaca, NY. I live with my wife and our son in a wonderful, growing community called White Hawk Ecovillage. When I'm not designing, developing or saving kittens from trees, I can usually be found hiking, gardening, baking, brewing, sculpting, making, or playing in the mud.


Our Flexible Pricing: Making Quality Design and Websites Available to All

We understand that not every small business or non-profit in our community has the budget to match their dreams and goals, and we want to help you get out there and make the world a better place. To that end, we always work to meet our clients in the middle when budget is a constraint.

We firmly believe that beautiful design and high-quality websites are tools that will help you succeed and it doesn't seem right for those tools to only be available to those who have already succeeded enough to afford them. We can't promise you the world for free, but we try never to turn away a client due to lack of funds.


Our Process: How we'll make your website

You don't need to know how to grow wheat in order to eat bread and the same goes for websites, but if you need a website and aren't sure where to start, understanding the process can help.

1. Discussion phase. Let's talk about your organization or business, your goals, your target audience, and your strategy. Let's look at and discuss your competitors and your partners. We'll take the lead in this coversation, so don't sweat it, but we may give you homework to take home with you.

2. Design phase. We'll start to work on some initial designs for your homepage, usually 2-3 options to start, and you can give us feedback in any form: notes on a napkin, bullet points in an email, or ramblings thoughts on the phone. We'll probably have a couple rounds of design-and-feedback until we've narrowed down a design that you are happy with.

3. Development phase. Once you are happy with the design, we'll usually jump to development. That means we'll start writing the code to build the website that we've worked together to design. The website we'll be building will be a 'secret' spot and not yet available to the whole wide world, so only our team and yours will be able to see it before its complete.

4. Testing phase. Once development is complete, we'll give you a direct link to your 'super secret in-progress website' to take it for a test drive. Click all the links, try all the button, open it on our phone, tablet and desktop computer. Then give us more feedback and we'll work hard to address any issue. At this point we are usually not revisiting design in any major way, but making sure it works the way we planned in the design phase.

5. Launch and bragging phase. We'll launch the site and give you and your team a training on how to manage the site yourselves, if you want to do that. You can now go to social media and tell the world about your beautiful new site (don't forget to mention how helpful, professional and down-right fun Sidekick Studios has been to work with!).